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Performance Checkup

Our intensive maintenance checklist ensures your website performs at the best. All the performance monitoring activities are scheduled through our automated system. Through our System, you will get a detailed monthly report too.

Website Fix and Enhancements

Fix and Enhancements

To make your website bug free, we do regular website health checkups and improvements. Our team takes care of any issue that arises through third-party plugins or by the core itself. Your issue would be resolved at the highest priority.

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Content and Backup

The advantage of our maintenance program is that you can add, edit, and update content as and when needed. We take a full backup prior to any major update. If it is needed, the backup can be on-demand by the client.

Website Functionality Check

Functionality Check

We check whether all forms are working properly and whether inquiry mails are getting received. We also check for any broken link on the website and rectify it. Broken links are a bad sign for SEO, hence it helps to keep your SEO health score high.

Website Tech Support

Tech Support

Our technical support team will constantly update you via our auto ticket management system. Also, our support team connects through call or email as required. Through all the medium, we ensure that the majority of tickets gets resolved in 24-48 hours.

Website Hack and Virus Proof

Hack and Virus Proof

Our security implementations prevent and protect from hacking, malware, and viruses. In any disgraced situation of hack or malware, our team takes it on most priority to resolve the issue. And we’ll keep in sync with you unless it is 100% hack free.

Web Maintenance Services Built for Your Business

With every online search, 50 percent of users discover a new company, product, or service. They visit your website, explore your products, browse your services, and get a first impression of your business. That first impression can make or break your company’s next sale.

For businesses today, this fact makes website maintenance a top priority.

As your partner, BARVERTISING provides your company with a custom and comprehensive website maintenance plan that helps your business deliver a fast, secure, and seamless online experience. Plus, as a full-service digital marketing agency, we offer turnkey solutions for maximizing your site’s performance.

Once a website is live, it marks the beginning of your business in a new light. And to continue with the support you are providing your customers through your website, you need to maintain it and update all the useful information from time to time.

Learn how our award-winning team of developers, designers, and digital marketers can maintain and improve your website by contacting us online to tell us about your business. Our website maintenance services protect your investment. We watch over your site on an ongoing basis.

Your website is kept up-to-date along with effective content editing which can be accomplished with updated information. Just email the information or pictures and we will upload it, quickly, with a trained eye to the overall effect of your site.

For us, it is not only a job but our passion.

Lets you spend more time focusing on doing business rather than spending numerous hours learning how to maintain your site.

If you are thinking of saving money by doing it yourself. Well, hold your thought!

The activities performed by professional website managers are far more competent and better in doing this.

We know that your site and the information on it are important to you. So, we do our best to get it right the first time! Corrections are honestly acknowledged and fixed at our expense.

Are you ready to dive head-first into website maintenance? Contact us online to chat with an experienced strategist from our website maintenance team about keeping your website in tip-top shape around the clock.


Why Choose BARVERTISING as the Website Maintenance Company?

You may not be able to devote too much time to web site updating, but BARVERTISING will. We’ll send you timely reminders to periodically provide us with original content for your web site, and our team will ensure that it looks newly-minted every time you view it! Due to the following facts, we have become a preferred choice for our clients:

  • Ensures that your website attracts, educates, and helps you expand.
  • Provides useful and relevant content that will assist your clients in doing business with you.
  • Makes the website search engine friendly, the search engine loves websites that are updated regularly.
  • Improves your company’s brand image.
  • Ensures website information is accurate and up-to-date.
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